Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

No, only one staff member (coach) per program is eligible to receive a stipend for working an event.  Multiple staff members may attend the same event, but only one is eligible to receive the stipend.

No, completing the Stipend Interest Registration Form does not confirm nor commit you into a stipend opportunity.  Each event is staffed on the needs of the event as provided by the event operator.  The interest form simply lets us know that you are interested in working the event for a stipend.  If you are selected to participate at an event for a stipend, an official confirmation email will be sent to you.  Please do not book your travel or make any logistical plans until you have been confirmed.

Completing the Stipend Interest Registration Form does not confirm nor commit you into a stipend opportunity. Each event is staffed on a first come, first serve <b>and/or</b> event need basis. The interest form simply lets us know that you are interested in working the event for a stipend. If you are selected for a stipend position, an e-confirmation will be sent to you. If you do not hear back from us, the stipend spots have been filled and you have been placed on the stand-by list. If a stipend spot opens up as schedules shake out, we will reach out to see if you are still interested and available.

If not stipulated, then the hotel room is not included in the stipend opportunity.

No, not always. A stipend position that includes a hotel could mean that you'll receive a per night additional stipend to offset costs or it could mean that a reservation will be provided for you. Please review the stipend position details listed on the website or reach out to your main Rian Consulting point-of-contact for more information.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: recruiting, station work/running a clinic, coaching a team, chalk talk, and a possible recruiting panel. Responsibility details are included in the stipend position write-up available on the Rian Consulting website. In addition, Rian Consulting will provide a full set of event details via email roughly 30 to 45 days before the event start date. In general, we advise you to be professional in your conduct with the Event Operators and our team at Rian Consulting. If you commit to one or more stipend opportunities, please respond to communications on a timely basis and show up when you said you would. You represent yourself, your school, your program, and your players. The teams and players attending these events want to learn from you and be coached by you.

No, Rian Consulting does not direct, own, or operate any of these events. We provide a free service to college coaches seeking stipend opportunities, where you can view, apply for, and manage confirmed stipend positions.

In order to receive a stipend, you must be at the event from start to finish and you must check-in each day of the event. We will review individual scheduling requests on a case-by-case basis, but do not expect to be paid the full stipend if you leave an event early or arrive a day late without previous communication to Rian Consulting.

If you have confirmed your attendance OR you have received an official communication stating you have been locked-in for a stipend spot at an event and you are no longer able to attend, simply go to your stipend dashboard (2022 or 2023), find the event, and click on the "trash can" icon to follow the cancellation steps to let us know that you are no longer able to attend as soon as possible so that we can work to backfill your spot at the event. Please DO NOT send your cancellation to the event operator or director directly without also communicating to Rian Consulting as we provide the final list of confirmed attendees as well as stipend payments.

Be sure that you check-in each day of the event. Checking-in at the main tent or registration area is the only way the Event Operators and Rian Consulting have of confirming your attendance. If you checked-in on each day of the event and you didn’t receive your payment, please email us at and our team will provide assistance.